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Meet Dr. Shelley Lanzkowsky

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician 


My Story

Dr. Lanzkowsky graduated from Brown University Phi Beta Kappa, Magna cum Laude with a degree in Russian language and literature. She went on to medical school at Cornell University Medical College and completed a residency in pediatrics and fellowship in developmental-behavioral pediatrics at The New York Hospital. She is a life-long diplomate of the Board of Pediatrics. Dr. Lanzkowsky has had the opportunity to work both in the fields of general pediatrics and developmental-behavioral pediatrics. She spent four years as the director of long-term care at Children’s Specialized Hospital where she gained experience in the care of children with chronic disabilities. Following that, Dr. Lanzkowsky spent two decades in the practice of general pediatrics and gained a solid grounding in the management of common behavioral concerns.


After years of practicing general pediatrics, Dr. Lanzkowsky began to appreciate the impact of mental health on the presentation of physical symptoms and the lack of available mental health resources in the community. In 2009, Dr. Lanzkowsky decided to return to her area of fellowship and following further training obtained board certification in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. Since that time, Dr. Lanzkowsky has been working at the Child Development and Autism Center at Atlantic Health. Developmental pediatricians perform multi-faceted evaluations with attention to developmental stage, cognitive potential, sensory concerns, medical issues and behavior in both the home and school environment.

They have a unique understanding of normal child development and behavior as well as appreciation for medical issues that impact on behavior and learning. Developmental pediatricians are also trained in the medical management of behavioral disorders like autism, anxiety and ADHD. Dr Lanzkowsky has had extensive experience in the early diagnosis and medical management of autism, and the co-morbidities associated with ADHD. The DB pediatrician works closely with schools and other providers to best coordinate care. Dr. Lanzkowsky has served as a consultant to schools and has been involved in teaching residents and giving community lectures. She has a research interest in language development and theory of mind and has presented work at national conferences. She has received Atlantic Medical Group awards for research and education as well as the Value Award. She was named in the New Jersey Family “Favorite Kids Docs”, America’s Top Pediatricians, and was recently nominated for consideration in Who’s Who in America’s Top Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Professionals. Dr Lanzkowsky is married to a Uruguayan and is comfortable assessing Spanish-speaking patients.

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