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Consultation Services

Clinicians at Bartky HealthCare Center are available for consultation services.

Consultations can occur with schools, referral sources, other medical professionals, individual therapists, or treatment programs. For example, we can serve in a consultation role to a school if the school is struggling to work with your child in a given setting. As another example, we can serve in a consultation role to your pediatrician who is managing your child’s medication but has occasional concerns about the treatment.

There are times that after an evaluation at the Bartky HealthCare Center no ongoing treatment is recommended. However, a recommendation for periodic consultation visits to monitor a potential problem might be made. This will allow for quick treatment of any arising issue as needed.

Other consultation services can occur on an organizational level. We can provide an objective assessment of an organization’s treatment services and make recommendations to improve levels of care.


Finally, Bartky HealthCare Center provides second opinions as requested on complex cases.

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