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Safety Protocol

What we are doing to keep all of our visitors safe.

Common Areas:

You are more than welcome to wear a face mask in the waiting room and while walking through the hall. You may remove your mask in your clinician's office at your joint discretion.


Hotel Maid
Hand Sanitation
Hand Sanitation

Sanitizing Stations

We have sanitizer stands throughout the office for your use. You will also find single-serving Purell packets located at the front desk counter, 75% Alcohol wipes in the waiting room, as well as Lysol Spray cans throughout the office. Keeping you safe is top priority!

Feeling Sick?

If you are experiencing flu/cold-like symptoms, or have had a fever within 24 hours of a scheduled in-person appointment, kindly call the office at (973) 533-1195 to reschedule your appointment or switch to a virtual appointment. 

Using Tablet in Bed
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