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Psychological and Neuropsychological Testing

Psychological and neuropsychological testing may be recommended in several circumstances, and psychologists at the Bartky HealthCare Center are experts at administering and interpreting many such tests . Such testing is helpful in clarifying diagnosis, identifying intellectual strengths and weaknesses, and gaining insight into personality and coping style.


Often, a specific referral question is formulated to be answered with testing. Examples of such questions are,


“Does my child have a learning disability like dyslexia?” 
“My child has so many diagnoses. Can we clarify what’s going on?” 
“Is my child’s struggle in math due to a learning issue, ADHD, or both?” 
“What accommodations would best help my child in school?” 
“What might be preventing me (or my child) from making progress in our current treatment plan?” 
“Why am I angry all the time? What can I do about it?” 


A clinician in the practice may request psychological testing, or an individual may request testing on his or her own. Community agencies or schools may request testing to clarify diagnosis or assist in treatment planning. You do not have to be receiving other services in our practice to have psychological testing completed.

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